Friday, March 15, 2013

"I play babies!" "TEA PARTY!" "I love to play mama!"

Adeline LOVES LOVES LOVES her baby dolls.  We play with her babies every single day.  She wakes saying, "I play babies mama!" and she'll stop me during the day and say, "play babies mama and adeline! want too?  OKAY!" Then she runs to the stairs and makes her way to the playroom where her doll furniture is all set up. 

Many days, we play mother's day out.  Adeline puts a purse on her arm and walks out of the bedroom.  She knocks on the door and I say, "Who is it?"  She opens the door and with a gasp in her voice and wide smile, she says, "Good day baby girl? Sleep good?" and runs over to pick a baby out of the crib.  She holds the baby, gives her a kiss and then looks at me and says, "thank you soooo much.  have good day, bye!" and walks out the door into the hallway.  I think she made this game up based on the sequence of events that take place during pick up at her MDO. 

Sometimes she asks me to be the mama and I go into the hall with a purse on my arm and we do the whole routine over and over and over and over.  During this particular game, Adeline runs the MDO and so she turns the lights off in the room and lines the babies up on the floor with blankets over their backs.  She pats each of them and puts a finger to her mouth, "SHHHH! BE QUIET EVERYONE!"


Some days, she just wants to play babies in her own way.  She loves on them, she feeds them, she pats them and sings to them.  Often times when I tell her it's time to leave the house, she will bolt to the stairs and say, "MOMMY, coming! Just a second.  I get my babies and go with you, ok? OKAY!"  Then she takes off to find a baby and runs back to find me and head to the car. 

Another baby game she loves is when she puts the babies in the highchair to eat.  Adeline yells, "TEA PARTY!" and carries her tray of treats over to her babies.  She loves to sing "I'm a Little Tea Pot" and she gets a big kick out of tipping over and pouring out.  Many times during the tea party, Adeline will say to me, "mama, member (remember) it's HOT! blow like this (and show me how to blow)."  She fakes like she is eating the treats on the tray and shouts, "all gone ladies!  so good and delicious!"  Then she packs up the tray and carries it into the hallway. 

Just the other day, she watched her cousin Elin take orders with a pad and pencil.  Next thing I knew, Adeline was following me around with paper and pen asking me, "Mama, what do you order?" and then once I tell her, she scribbles on the notepad and returns with a pretend meal. 

It's wild to watch her mind work.  I can't get over how fast she went from grasping basic concepts to acting out real like situations.  Your a smart cookie, Miss Adeline!  I love playing pretend with you!

Oh, she is kinda into dress up clothes too.  We don't have that much at home, but she loves to dress like the train conductor at MDO and drive the train.  I have also seen her sporting an old lady hat and purse.  At least once a day, she likes to wear my shoes and William's shoes all around the house.  She can put on her own shoes now after all that practice!  The girl loves to try and walk in her high heels that Aunt Rachie got her for Christmas.


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