Saturday, March 30, 2013

Anna's first party! (Easter playdate)

I have two friends in Tulsa who had girls 2 weeks after Anna was born.  We've gotten together several times so we can catch up and the girls can play.  As it turns out, I have met several other Holland Hall moms who have babies Anna's age.  Most of these moms are "friends of friends" and ladies I have met through my own friend, Amanda. 

For Easter, Amanda hosted a small informal Easter party for the moms and babies Anna's age.  There was a great turn out and it is always fun to meet new moms.  Especially moms who have a connection to Holland Hall where our kids go to school. 

Of course, I dressed Anna in her Easter dress and took a few pre-party pics.  She was awake the entire party and LOVED sitting up watching the action.  She liked playing with new toys and watching the other babies move around.

I also got a couple of cute pictures of all the babies lined up.  I am sure the kids will get a kick out of this picture when they are 16 (assuming all end up at HH). 

Thank you Amanda for a fun morning with sweet babies and new friends.


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