Saturday, May 18, 2013

Adeline's last day of 2 year old MDO

Last Tuesday was Adeline's last day of Mother's Day Out. She blossomed in the two year old classroom and I loved her teachers as much as she did.

It is amazing to see the changes and growth in your child over the course of a year.  I feel like her teachers had a major influence on her cognitive learning and her knowledge of Baby Jesus. She came home everyday with a new song to sing, artwork in hand and a love for Bibles.  

On school mornings, Adeline would sing "Adeline goes to school today, school today, school today. Adeline goes to school today to see her friends and play!"

She always asked to wear a bow in her hair and to carry her lunch box into the building.  

My girl sure is growing fast!

On the last day of school, we gave her beloved teachers a potted flower.  Adeline was excited and kept telling me the flowers smelled delicious.


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