Friday, May 31, 2013

Bebe, the girls and sweating it out at the park

Bebe came to Tulsa a few weeks ago.  We decided to take the girls over to Woodward Park for pictures.  By the time Anna had a nap, we were all dressed and in the car, it was close to 11am.  Adeline's performance window was closing in on us quickly! 


 I tried not to get my hopes up to high for a good picture of the girls because with two little ladies ages 2 and 8 months, the expectations remain low.  I go into these things just hoping for one decent photo with at least one person smiling or better yet, at least one of them sitting still. 

So Bebe and I found ourselves running around the park at 11am in 88 degree temps sweating our tails off and chasing two cute little people.  Anna wanted to eat the grass, Adeline wanted to stand in the stream.  Bebe and I acted like circus rats behind the camera as we sweat bullets trying for a smile from the duo. 

About 5 minutes in, Adeline revolted.  She was done.  She wasn't gonna sit on that rock if we paid her in sparkle shoes.  She wasn't gonna hug her sissy even after we waved bags of fruit snacks in front of her face.  Nope.  The gal was finished.  And yes, there were tears.

And yes, lots of sweat.

But like every single day of my life, the nut house is a happy place.

I think Bebe and I did an ok job.....after we wiped our brow, dragged a sobbing toddler to the car and put a bottle to my baby.

naptime anyone?


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