Friday, May 31, 2013

Good-bye Kindergarten. Hello, First Grade!

Holy cow.  I have a first grader.

Today was the last day of Kindergarten for my smarty pants, airplane flyin', baseball playin', soccer kickin', teeth missin', fun lovin' little boy.......who just isn't so little anymore......sigh.....

Here's William on the last day of Kindergarten.  He's all smiles and full of excitement for the last day of school.

In years past, the last day of school has been VERY EMOTIONAL for William.   He's a boy who loves with his whole heart.  He adores his friends, his family, his teachers, the postman, the grocery clerk,  you name it.  Whoever it is and whatever moment of life he's living, William is invested 100%.

This loving nature can make bittersweet moments very hard for him.  Usually on the last day of school, William is crying and terribly put out with the thought that he'll never see "these people" (friends and teachers) again.  It kills me to watch him grieve the happiest moments of his life.  But, it also reminds me of how children's emotions are so raw and vividly real.  They are not afraid to cry whether it's because they are freaking out with joy or distraught with anguish.  And so, I take it to heart and try my best to prepare us both for moments like these.

That said, I left the girls at home with Amanda while I went to get William at school.  I was fully prepared for tears and I knew I needed to be there for William without any distractions.  He deserves my full and undivided attention on occasions like these.  I arrived at school with a vase of flowers for each teacher and a handwritten note that William had thoughtfully attached to the bouquets.  I stood back and watched the class interact before I said hi to William.

The kids were all wearing tshirts with a class photo on the front and their signatures on the back.  William was SO SO SO happy.  He was interacting with his friends and laughing and carrying on.  He looked so cute in his big over sized shirt and ran right up to me so I could see it.  He was so proud.  I gave him the vases and he gave each one to his teachers.  Then the class took their seats on the rug and music started.

The kids all held hands and sang the good-bye song that they sang every single day at the end of class.  "I say bye to you, you say bye to me.  Now our time together is threw.  Let's not be sad, but let's be glad, cuz we had fun today."  Those tiny little voices.  Those fingers hand in hand.  Yep.  There wasn't a dry eye in the place.  It was like watching William graduate from 8th grade or something......there I was with all these flash forward visions of William and his buddies singing the Good-Bye song at 17 years old.

To my surprise, William didn't cry.  I was relieved.  I really thought he'd fall apart (like the last couple of years) when we left Holland Hall and headed home.  But he didn't.  He talked about inviting his teachers for lunch over the summer break and his voice was excited at the mystery of sitting at a real desk in first grade.  We talked about how first grade would be different than Kindergarten.  His spirits were up and his little face was pleased at his progress.

We came to a stoplight and I glanced in the rear view mirror for a second.  I caught a glimpse of my big kid.  That little boy who doesn't see the imperfections of the world.  He lives by imagination alone.  He can write full sentences, read books, multiply, divide and carry numbers.  He loves to watch shows about UFOs but ends up at the foot of my bed almost every night.  He constantly hums a tune, isn't interested in playing basketball and leaves thank you notes for the Tooth Fairy.  He teaches me a lesson every single day.  He doesn't listen to his parents worth a darn, loves his sisters beyond the moon, and makes himself throw up at the thought of shots.  He's still trying to tie his shoes and bargains for Ipad minutes. He's logged time in the corner but reaped the rewards of good behavior.

 He's every ingredient of perfect.

William, you make me proud every single minute of every single day.  It has been a privilege to be your mom.  I am humbled by your unyielding love for your family.  I will never ever know how to thank you for letting me be your mom and walk through the last 6 years with you.  You are my first baby, my sidekick, my buddy and my biggest blessing.



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