Friday, May 31, 2013

William's Kindergarten Class Party

On Tuesday, May 22nd, William's Kindergarten class gathered together for their class party.  The theme was "Bubbles and Balloons."  The kids wore their swim clothes to school and the party started at 1:30pm.  I signed up to help, so I knew I would get to watch William and his friends enjoy all the activities.

The teachers set up different stations behind the primary school.  The kids divided up into their color groups (William is yellow) and the color groups rotated through the various play stations.  I was at station #3, the "Goop" station.  My job was to mix corn starch and water into a paste the kids could play with....or shall we say, pour on each other, paint on their bodies and basically make a big mess!  WHAT FUN!

Other stations included: bubbles, a bounce house with water slides, sprinklers, water in the sandbox, sno cones, and shaving cream fights.

William had the best time ever.  He couldn't stop talking about how much fun it was to run around on the school playground doing "non school" things!  He had a blast on the water slide bounce house and thought the shaving cream was hilarious.

The whole ride home he was very sad......He was starting to realize that Kindergarten was over and summer was upon us.  For a little guy with a big spirit, the thought of "never seeing his friends again for 3 months" was terrible.  I assured him we would stay busy and also have time for his friends to come over and play.  That seemed to perk him up and the next thing ya know, we were discussing the thrill of first grade!

Time marches on!


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