Friday, May 31, 2013

Anna Baby Baptism and Mother's Day

Sunday, May 12th was Mother's Day.  This holiday was made more special this year because it was also Anna's baptism.

Dan and I were so thrilled to baptize Anna when Bubba and Gram would be in Oklahoma City.  They have had the chance to watch both girls be christened in the beautiful gown that Gram gave them.  I love the gorgeous lace detailing and sweet pearls sewn into the hemline.  The dress leaves me speechless and I am so blessed to have a treasured heirloom from the girls' grandmother.  Thank you Gram!

Although a holiday, Mother's Day was the perfect day for Anna's baptism because all the family was in town.  We gathered at St. Luke's in the church for the 10:50 service with Dr. Long.  Dr. Long married Dan and me, and he also baptized William and Adeline.  It was only fitting to keep up tradition with our Anna baby!

Anna performed like a pro!  She was all smiles during the ceremony and she didn't mind a bit when Dr. Long held her up for the congregation.  Adeline and William stood at the front with us too.  William was very eager to watch and see what a baptism was all about.  Adeline spent most of the time hugging my neck and kissing my face.  She didn't really understand what we were doing, but at least she wasn't crying or fighting me for holding her!

Once our part was done, Dan and I walked out of the church.  We knew Adeline and Anna would not last the entire service so we took advantage and headed home so we could get lunch ready for Anna's party.

Everyone came over for fried chicken after church.  I love keeping it simple during stressful events because by 11am, I was pooped from getting my family up, dressed, and out the door on time for Anna's day.


I got a cake for dessert and asked the same lady who made Adeline's cake to repeat it for Anna!  She changed it up a little bit so the girl's don't feel like they had the exact same baptism events.  It was as pretty as the first time I saw it for Adeline.  I just love the white on white detailing and the cross on top.

Anna's party was "Jesus Loves Me."' I didn't go too themeish, but I ended up with a darling piece of personalized artwork that matched the colors in the invitation.  We used linens from past parties and I ordered Anna her own pink personalized napkins.  They come in handy for birthday parties down the road!  I put Anna in the same pink dress that Adeline wore for her baptism lunch.  I thought it would be fun to have the matching pictures to look back on when the girls are older.  I also plan on saving the little dress too.

Everyone had a really good time.  It was refreshing to see Bubba and Gram after they had been gone for 6 months.  Anna's great grandparents got to hold her and love on her - a precious moment I will never get back.

Anna, you are a blessing from God and our answered prayer.  I look at you in pure awe and wonder of everything perfect in life.  You are a gift and JESUS LOVES YOU THIS I KNOW!


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