Friday, May 31, 2013

Anna Elizabeth is 8 months old!



Miss Anna Elizabeth, you are 8 months old! How can that be?!  8 months old sounds so grown up for my sweet Anna baby!

You wear a size 5 diaper and size 9-12m clothing.  I am guessing you weigh 18-19 pounds.  Your eyes are a pretty blue color and earn you loads of compliments from passing strangers.  Your hair is starting to sprout, but it is still very, very short.  So far, it looks like it is coming in blonde with some red undertones.  I can't want to see the end results!

Anna, you have yet to meet a food you don't like.  You gobble up all the baby food flavors I serve you.  I usually stick you in the high chair with a toy while I make your meal.  Most of the time, you get really loud and start screaming as if you are starving and have not tasted food in days.  I am use to it and roll with the loud screams, but Dada and other people sure have a hard time hearing you holler.  You sound so pathetic and know exactly how to win your Dada's heart!  He usually snaps you up out of the chair until I am absolutely ready to sit down and serve you.  Once you start eating, you move your hands around all over the place as if you are doing a happy dance to finally be eating! You moan and talk and simply enjoy your feast.  Most feedings consist of 2 baby food cartons.  You also love to be at the table during dinner time.  This is the one meal you get to eat with the entire family.  I think you enjoy the bird's eye view from your highchair and most evenings you will kick and scream and wave your hands while we all eat.

You still drink 6 ounce bottles.  I try to start your day with food and alternate food and milk after that.  You have not kicked the night bottle completely, but most evenings you will only take 4 ounces before you are ready to sleep.  I think this is because I give you baby food or cereal about 30 minutes before bedtime.

You sleep from 7:30pm until 5:00 am when you start to stir.  Dada usually gets you and tucks you in bed with us.  He gives you 4 ounces of milk which you drink and then you fall back asleep until 6:30am.  *UPDATE:  If I put you on your tummy around 5am, you sleep until 7:30am without a bottle!

8 months old has brought major milestones - YOU CRAWL!  Oh Anna baby, you have been wanting to crawl FOREVER.  You lay on your tummy and get so mad when you cannot get to where you want to be.  It's hard to watch and I will admit, it is kinda annoying because I have to sit you up every single time to appease you.  However, the last few weeks when this has happened, you have not screamed and cried.  Instead, you worked really hard at pushing your tummy up off the floor and looking around for your plan of attack.  I saw you scoot backwards a few times and then you figured out how to raise yourself into a seated position.

  Once you learned to pull yourself up from being on your tummy, you were a new woman.  At this point, you were ready to conquer the crawl.  For a few days, you would rock back and forth on all fours.  Now you tuck one leg under and leave the other leg straight out beside you.  Then you kinda push yourself across the room using the leg tucked under you.  It's kinda funny to watch but it gets the job done!  Now, you don't move super fast or crawl at full speed across the room.  But, you are well on your way because you are definitely mobile.  Adeline better look out when she sees you crawling towards her "pah-hee" or making a run for her dolls!  YIKES!

Aside from crawling, your exploration skills are booming.  You love, love, love to play with toys.  You study toys for the longest time, you like to shake toys, grab toys, eat toys, talk to the toys, listen to music, and it is so fun to watch.  I love seeing your face light up when you discover something new.  It's just the best!



I also love to watch your face when you hear William and Adeline.  Your eyes get HUGE and your head will not stay still.  You look and look until you can find them.  Oh my goodness, the bond leaves me speechless. You laugh the deepest belly laugh and smile from ear to ear whenever you are with your brother and sister.  They adore you.  Adeline is really into hugging you and getting you a pacifier. She asks to hold you too.  William is so proud of you.  He likes to teach you new things and sing songs right in your face.  It's funny and you laugh so hard!

You love to play with your toes and give us kisses with your mouth.  The kisses are one of my favorite things about you.  You are so lovable and just open your mouth against our cheeks all the time.  You bury your head in my chest to give me huge hugs.  When you are tired or over programmed, I can scoop you up into my arms and hold you tight against my chest.  You immediately calm down and hold my fingers.  I love it.

The days go so quickly.  I know you've heard me say that before, but it is so true.  I don't expect you to really understand the depth of fleeting time, and I get anxious just typing about it.  8 months.  It came and went so fast.  Our days are BUSY.  We are always on the go and you are such a trooper.  Any moment I can hold you, I don't let go.  Any moment I can study your face and watch you sleep, I do.  Any belly laugh I can tickle or any morning I can snuggle with you, I do.  I love to watch you.

You are the delight of my heart.  Your little body completes my life in so many ways.  I am in awe of you my Anna Baby.  Thank you for letting me be your mom.  You are my richest treasure.


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