Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mickey Mouse Magic Show Live!

We've waited a long time for today's big event - Mickey Mouse Magic Show Live!  We bought tickets a few months ago when we were at the Patriots Center for Elmo Live.  I was able to pick our seats since we used the box office and not Ticket Master, so we were front and center (not on the floor, but the first section up).  

Several of our good friends bought seats next to us and we met up before the show:  Caroline and her mom were fired up and Caroline brought along her mouse ears. Team Simmons (Carrie, Kyle and Ava) was suppose to be there, but a minor slip of Carrie's pregnancy brain sent them to the Verizon Center downtown. The wrong direction and the wrong location!  So, they missed it!  I know Ava was terribly disappointed!

Nevertheless, Caroline and William had a big time.  They shared a gigantic box of popcorn, William waved his light stick, Caroline wore her ears, and they were captivated from the start.  Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy were the stars of the show and several of the Disney princesses made guest appearances.  The magic tricks were impressive for all ages and William was thrilled with the day!

When we got home, he asked me to check the computer for other Mickey Live shows that might be coming to our state.  I'd say he's hooked.


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