Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just Talkin' WBB 4.5 years old

William pulls up a chair next to me at the table. It's 8:00 a.m.  "So Mom Mom, how is your day going?"
Me:  "So far so good William.  Thanks.  How about your day? How is it going?"
William:  "Well, not so great.  I am only 4 years old.  It's a long time before I get to be a control tower operator."

Me:  "William, which grocery store should we go too?"
William: "Let's go to a far away grocery store so I can have a long time to visit with Adeline in the car."
Me:  "Ok, no problem.  What is on your list this time?"
William:  "I need the things that I like to eat for snacks.  My list is graham crackers, red grapes this time and not the green ones, gold fish, waffles, milk, green jello and.........hmmmm.  Well Mom Mom, I am not going to say it twice, but we are NOT getting any gummy snacks.  We are not."


William:  "Mom Mom, what is something that you do in JK and not in preschool?"
Me: "Well, I bet kids in JK don't need their bed rail on the side of their bed. They might be brave enough not to fall out."
William:  "Ok Mom Mom.  Let's do it.  Take it off."

Dada:  "William, sing Adeline a song."
William: "Adddellinnne, you are the sweetest Addddellline on earf.  You are my besssst frrriend and Addddeline you are growing so big and a girrrllllll.  You are my beeeest friend, Adddellline."


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