Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A shot of Junior Kindergarten

 Good ol' WBB was due for his 4 year old check up at the doctor.  I tried to get him in around his birthday, but they were full and with Adeline arriving in March, it was all we could do to get there in June!  I heard through the grapevine that the 4 year check up is brutal because kids get 4 shots.  I was shocked, but I also get the fact that it's mandatory per the state of Virginia before children enter Kindergarten.  Many doctors are moving the requirement back a year so all kids are fully vaccinated by the age of 4.

Well, since William is just going to Junior Kindergarten and I am a mom who strongly believes in spacing out shots, I called ahead and asked the nurse exactly how many shots were "required" for TODAY.  The nurse told me he could get just ONE shot today and that honestly, he doesn't have to have any of them until he's 5.

Then I had to explain the situation to William.  I am big on warning him about what is to come and walking him through stuff before it actually happens.   I told him that he was going for his check up and he would probably get one shot today.  His eyes got pretty big and he told me he just didn't want to go in for the shot (in a very pathetic and on the brink of tears voice).  I explained to him that he needs these shots in order to back to school and that all of his friends have to go for the same shots so that they can go to Junior Kindergarten too.  To my surprise, he stepped up to the plate.

Then we got there.  All was well for the initial check up.  The boy rang in at 42 inches tall and 41 pounds.  His vision and hearing are perfect.  His vocabulary is advanced.  Well done WBB!  We enjoyed our high for about 20 minutes and then the nurse came in with the shot.

William lost it.  He freaked out and started kicking around and I had to pin him down on the table so the nurse could do her job.  Dan asked me if he was laying on the table when he got the shot and I basically told him that William was wrapped around my body and over my back with his eyes glued shut while he thrashed around.  Yet he never cried.

The shot was over in a millisecond.  William stopped dead in his tracks of thrashing around and bluntly said to the nurse and me, "well, that was easy."  I asked him if he'd go for one more (heck, we were in the moment!) and he told me I was crazy.

He was also  quick to point out that Adeline cried when she got her shots and he did not which meant he was more brave.  I rolled my eyes and thought, "yea right thrasher."

After a reward of Junior Mints, the kid was all smiles.

Here's to next time!


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