Friday, June 17, 2011

Sweet Adeline is 3 months old

 I started taking Adeline's picture with her 3 month old sign when William said to me, "Mom Mom, she's having her picture taken and she is not dressed up in her beautiful dress."

 So, we had a quick costume change and William selected her yellow dress with smocked tulips.

Then later today, Adeline was feeling quick smiley, so we tried again.  Notice the sign is slightly crumpled and she's in her third outfit of the day.  A girl's gotta dress up as much as can!

Another month has come and gone!  My sweet Adeline is now 3 months old.  The last month has been full of growth for the little lady.  

Adeline, your smiles have gotten bigger and more frequent.  You LOVE to talk to me first thing in the morning and throughout the day.  There are times during the day that you get upset, but you are not hungry or sleepy.  You just need me to hold you in your signature cradle hold (head in the nook of my left arm and your body hanging over my chest), like you are saying to me, "hey, I need some lovin' and some attention!."  You will stare up at me and just smile away, talk to me, and hold onto the collar of my shirt.  This is also how you love to fall asleep for naps.  I don't mind a bit.  I will stop what I am doing and just sit on the couch so I can soak up these fleeting moments with you.  I cherish every second I get to hold you because I know that soon enough, you just won't be small enough to fit in my arms like this. 

Although I have not officially weighed you in awhile, I venture to guess that you are around 14 lbs or so. You wear size 3-6 clothing, but some size 6m depending on the brand.  Your hair is still pretty thick and can hold a bow, but it is thinning out in places where your head lays flat in the bed.  Your eyes are still blue (YIPPEE!) and Dada has taught you to hold his hands and stand up on your feet.  You LOVE this and make a lot of noise and smile a bunch when you perform this trick. 

You wear a size 2 diaper and drink about 4-5.5 ounces of formula per feeding.  Depending on the amount, you eat every 3-4 hours or so.   You LOVE your playmat and spend up to 30 minutes talking to the toys and batting around.  This activity wears you slick and when you are done, you go right to sleep!  You are also learning to ride in the swing and seem to enjoy that too.

You are also a good sleeper at night.  Your current routine is to go down around 7pm for the night.  Sometimes you sleep until 2am, but other times you might wake up around 10pm for a bottle.  Your night time feeding hinges on the last bottle before midnight, but more often than not, you wake up to eat around 4:45am.  So, you are giving me about 6+ hours of sleep a night (WAY TO GO!). 

William still adores you more than you will ever know.  He calls you "my baby" and "best friend ever."  He always wants to know where you are and if you are doing ok.  He is first to find you in the mornings and his affection for you makes my heart sing.  I know he will be your shield and always stand up for you.  You are so lucky to have a big brother like William!


You also took your first plane trip and did great.  You slept almost the entire flight and loved riding in the body carrier.  

I can't wait to see what milestones you hit as we watch you grow into 4 months old!


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