Thursday, June 16, 2011

Next stop, the Olympics

William has been taking gymnastics since January.  He LOVES it.  He looks forward to going to class every week and he always asks me what I think the obstacle course will look like (they change it up every week).  Not only has the class been fun for him, but I also think it has given him confidence and strength training skills.  

There are about 8 kids in his class and over 45 minutes they rotate to various gymnastics stations - the pitt, the bars, the obstacle course, the trampoline and the tarzan swing. 

 he's on the bars in the blue shirt

I never bring my camera to class because I am lugging the infant carrier and my diaper bag.  So, I don't have that many picture on my Iphone.  I must have erased some.  Bummer.  But at least you can see a few.

One thing I have noticed about William while watching his class is how detailed he is and how determined he is to do something right the first time.  For example, the obstacle course is LONG and the teacher shows the kids what to do at every station.  William will do the entire obstacle course without a hitch, but if he forgets what he's suppose to do, he'll shout, "excuse me! (to the teacher) what do I do here?"  or "excuse me, how do I do this?" and he WILL NOT move until he gets it right.  Most kids just skip on over whatever the task is that they forgot and just keep moving, but not my boy.  I am glad he stops and thinks about everything.  That's his detail minded personality and his desire to do the task correctly....reminds me someone I know.....

Today was the last class and thus, the medal ceremony.  Each kiddo stood on the blue mat and did their best "ta-da" pose after receiving their ribbons.  William's class got "best all around" of the age groups.  Well done WBB!


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