Wednesday, June 22, 2011



Of all the times when a kid can be a kid and embrace the very essence of childhood, THIS was THAT MOMENT and I will never forget it.  

I have always said that there are definite phases in my childrens' lives that I never want to forget (the pilot costume, red sneakers, airplanes, discovering the outdoors, playing in the sprinkler, the imagination, etc.) .  

They are the moments that soak up every ounce of what being a child means.  They are the moments that take me back (if even for a split second) to being a kid and LOVING the very same activity that my kids are enjoying today.  They are moments permanently stamped into my heart when I have seen my child truly experience the joyful innocence and excitement of childhood.  This time was no exception.

I could almost taste the bittersweet feeling.......

it tasted something like LEMONADE.

The last few days William has been talking to me about having a lemonade stand.  He must have heard about lemonade stands from his friends, and he has asked me repeatedly to get the supplies so we could make one ourselves.  He understood the basic concept of a lemonade stand, but every night he would ask me to talk about what happens when you set up your stand and all the pieces that you need to make it work.  Then before I was out the door with "night night!," he's ask me how many more days until his very own lemonade stand.

Today was the day.  I picked Willam up from summer camp and showed him all the supplies that I gathered for the lemonade stand.  I explained that we'd have to wait until 5:30 p.m. to start our stand because that is when the cars start rolling in and we wanted tons of people to see him.   He was SO patient and anxiously waited all afternoon!  We decided to set up our stand at 5:00 p.m. because the anticipation was just too much for my ol' 4.5 year old.

Have you ever seen a more proud salesman?  He was SOOOO excited and the second we got down to the parking lot, he started shouting, "WHHHHOOOOOO wants LEEEMOOONADE!?? COME AND GET IT!"  I did everything I could to not bust out laughing.  But, by golly the people came and William took his job VERY seriously.

In the first 5 minutes, William made $2.50 and about 15 minutes into the event, we were half way out of lemonade!  I quickly added some water to the pitcher in order to let the show go on and give William a lot more time to sell his goods. 
He was holding court in the Windgate parking lot and LOVING EVERY SECOND.  This was one of his happiest days!  I also love this picture because it shows how seriously he took his job as Lemonade Stand leader.  He was SO proud when people would give him a dollar and he'd say, "excuse me, but you need change or is this whole dollar for me to keep?"  and he'd direct everyone over to his "trash area" where they could put their cups when they were done.   

William almost jumped out of his skin when the UPS man stopped and bought 2 glasses of lemonade from him AND tipped him a dollar.  This was definately the highlight of the whole adventure.  William even told me that next time he's gonna have a stand and invite the mailman to come buy lemonade.
Even his buddy Campbell stopped by for a refreshing beverage.  Thanks for coming Campbell!
It was also SO HOT outside.  Adeline was a trooper and drank her bottle while sweating bullets with her mom.  After about one hour, we were out of lemonade (thank goodness. did I mention it was HOT!) and William was very satisfied to wrap up his first lemonade stand. 
I estimate his profits to be around $6.50.  Not bad for this little boy's first day on the job!


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