Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"All About Me" unit at Grace Episcopal School

One of the first art projects for William's class at Grace Episcopal was a full body image of yourself.  The teachers traced each child and sent them home with their "body" to decorate any way they wanted.  William was super excited for this project as drawing and art have hit the "ultimate fun" factor for him.  

He told me he needed markers and his airplane shirt for his body.  So, I set him up in the kitchen and about 30 minutes later, this is what I found -

I just love it.  Check out the face!  He drew clouds above his head and gave me VERY SPECIFIC instructions as to not cut the clouds off.  Thus, a square head of sorts.
I also think it's pretty cute that he wanted his body to wear an airplane shirt.  Then again, it's no surprise that William's body is also wearing a colorful pair of shorts with nothing but airplanes, control towers and runways draw by who else, but my 5 year old pilot.  
He was so proud to take his body into school for the teachers to display in the hallways.  On his last day of school,  I asked to take his body home for safe keeping.  William asks about his "William person" every so often, but I have assured him that "William person" is tucked away safely in his keepsake box.  I am sure William will get a kick out of  "William person" in 20 years!


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