Thursday, November 17, 2011

Our Thankful Turkey 2011

While in OKC, Aunt Rachie helped William construct his "Thankful Turkey" for 2011.  This is our second year to make Thankful Turkey and I think it's a worthwhile tradition.  I ask William what he's thankful for this year and then I write exactly what he says on the feathers of Thankful Turkey.  It is fun to watch him take this project seriously and think REALLY HARD about his answers.  Sometimes he's quick to respond and other times he's deep in thought for just the right blessing.  It will be entertaining to look back over the years and see what he found so special for Thankful Turkey.

2011 Thankful Turkey blessings
  • Little boy in the Bible who threw rocks at the giant
  • singing songs
  • grass!
  • Nathan, Campbell, Samuel, Ava, Trent, Austin, Sabrina, Bailey, Lexi, Caroline, Gigi, Sophia, Harlow, Lucy and Parker
  • Video games
  • Our guardian angels
  • Bebe and Pops
  • Birds
  • Rockets, heliocopters, and airplanes that take me places!
  • Christmas
  • people
  • my family
  • my little baby Adeline
  • we're moving!
  • Grace Episcopal School and my new school
  • things that you can build
  • Disney cruise
  • coloring
  • airplanes
  • hershey kisses
  • myself
  • mac and meme
  • my teachers
  • Bubba and Gram
  • our house we will move into
  • Jesus!
  • Ipad


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