Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tulsa Philbrook Museum Light Display

 Saturday night was the 3rd annual Philbrook Garden and Glow event which is a light display at The Philbrook to kick off the holiday season.  The event was free for families and full of kid friendly activities.  We decided to try it out and loaded up the kids for an evening of fun.

The Philbrook is beautiful and lights were glowing in all of the trees, luminaries lined the walkways and all the lights reflected down into the ponds that surrounded the property.  It was crowded, but enjoyable.  We walked around the grounds and William had a good time log rolling down the steep backyard hill.  

We made our way to the craft stations for the kids.  One station was outside by The Philbrook Christmas tree.  William made an ornament bird feeder out of bagels and bird seed.  He thought long and hard about where to put his ornament on the tree and insisted that Adeline watch him hang up.

William also made a cute Gingerbread Man with sparkle shoes ("just like Elin") and stopped by an art table to draw a few runways while Dada checked out the gift shop.  

I passed by a table display of The Philbrook Kids Club and it turns out that the museum has an art club for kids.  It's free.  All you do is register your child and every month you drop by the museum and pick up a new package of art supplies courtesy of the kids club.  How fun is that?  And, since WBB LOVES to draw, this was the ticket!

We stayed about 1.5 hours and hit the road.  It was too crowded to really tour the museum at length, but we plan on going back soon. 


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