Thursday, November 17, 2011

Holland Hall Preschool in Tulsa, Oklahoma

 William's new school is Holland Hall in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  He has talked for weeks about starting school with new friends, new teachers and a new playground.  He's been excited and eager to wear the school uniform - white HH shirt and navy pants.  
 So once we got to Oklahoma, he counted down the days until he got to return to school and play with kids.  I took this as a positive note and I could feel his excitement within me.  The first day of school is always a treat. 

He also came up with the idea to make a poster about Washington, DC so he could show the kids where he use to live.  I thought it was an excellent idea and so William created a blue and red poster with pictures of the White House, The Capitol, the metro trains and the Washington Monument.  I am sick that I forgot to take a picture of it!
I asked him what he was going to say about the poster and he looked right at me and said in all seriousness, "I am going to say this.  My mom worked at the White House, My dad worked at the Capitol and I love to ride metro trains through the city."  I was so impressed!

Friday, November 11th was William's first day at Holland Hall.  He woke up bright and early and jumped into his uniform within minutes.  He was all smiles and just plain happy for school.  He loves to learn and play with kids, so I knew he'd transition well.  

But as a mom, you hold your breath on that first day of school. You say so many prayers that the day goes well, that your child makes a friend and that well, they just have an overall wonderful experience.  I'll admit, I prayed hard!!

We are renting a townhouse about 1 minute from the school which is such a blessing considering I hardly know my way around Tulsa.  We got to school and I walked him inside so I could help get him settled and meet his teachers in person.  Usually, parents just drop off and pick up within the carpool line.  

We were greeted by his teacher, Mrs. Overcash as well and the Head of Admissions who conducted our tour back in August.  William spoke right up and said, "I am excited.  Thanks for having me."  That's my boy!  We went to the classroom where Mrs. Overcash showed him his cubby and where to place his lunchbox.  Some of the children were already there and in unison shouted, "Hi William!"  Mrs. Overcash said they have all been asking when their new friend was going to join them at school.  That delighted my heart and put a big ol' smile on William's face.

William took his poster to the front of the room, but I had to leave before he gave his presentation.  Just as I was walking out the door, William looked back at me and waved.  He gave me a smile and looked so handsome in his uniform. I knew he'd be ok.  It a MOMENT stamped in my mind forever.  

And this little sugar plum is thrilled when she gets to reunite with her big brother in the carpool line.  She laughs and squeals when he jumps in the car!


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