Saturday, November 19, 2011

Secret Suitcase

Every Thursday, one of William's classmates is chosen to take home the "secret suitcase."  Apparently it is a big deal!  And guess who got the suitcase this week???????  WILLIAM!!!!!

He told me everyone sits in a circle on the floor and the teacher holds the suitcase up for everyone to see.  Then she says, "WHHHHHOOOO gets the suitcase this weeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkk?"  When William's name was called he said, "Mom, I jumped up and I was clapping my hands so hard that I could feel my fingers hurting!  I was so excited.  You know, only one person gets to take the suitcase home and I GOT IT MOM!"

Such joy on my boy's face!

In the carpool line, Mrs. Overcash said William received the suitcase because he is a great friend and example to the children.  Makes this mom so proud!

The crux of the secret suitcase - The letter unit this week was "T" so William had to put one object with the letter "T" inside the secret suitcase and provide 3 clues about it.  He then had to stand at the front of the classroom and recite his three clues to his friends.

William picked the word "tooth" and decided to take his shark's tooth.

His clues:
  • You brush it
  • it's as hard as a bone
  • it's a dentist's best friend
He came home completely satisfied that it took 8 clues before the class guessed "tooth!"


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