Thursday, November 17, 2011

A bittersweet farewell

On November 1st the moving truck came to pack up our lives and the precious mementos of 2526A South Walter Reed Drive.  The entire process took 2 days and operated in a timely, seamless manner.  
  8 years of memories tucked inside boxes, carefully padded with paper as to not break the bonds of time.  Our life together.
Was I ready for the big move back to Oklahoma?  Yes, very much so.  Was I ready to leave 1,200 square feet and 42 steps to my door?  Yes, more than you know.  Was I ready to move to a town where I know very few people and build a life for myself and my family?  Yes, but with the nerves of the "unknown."  Was I confident that moving to Tulsa was a great decision for our family?  Absolutely. For sure.
But was I prepared for the tug on my heart and the bittersweet heartbreak of saying good-bye to the little townhouse that built the Barron family?  No. 
2526A is where Dan and I started our life together.  It was our first home full of hopes, dreams, laughter, and adventure.  We put our own stamp on it and filled every inch with happy times.  We laughed, we cried, we celebrated holidays and embraced the quiet surroundings of living high up in the trees. 

But I think the part that makes leaving 2526A behind is that THIS is the place I brought my babies home too.  Where we planted our roots as a family. 
THE PLACE where I sat quietly rocking them to sleep, where William took his first steps - I can see it like it was yesterday,-where Adeline first smiled into my eyes and where I first felt my heart burst with more love than I have ever know.  

The walls of 2526A hold stories of our past and as I walked around my empty house, the memories came flooding back as clear as day.  There are simply no words to describe my feelings.  Too many stories to tell and yet most are remembered within my blog.  

But those walls know the secrets of my heart, my deepest prayers, my heartache and my profound joy.  And so how do you say good-bye to an old friend who knows you so well?  You just can't.

So until next time 2526A, take care of yourself and the people who love your walls in the future.  I am sincerely thankful for you taking care of my family and keeping us safe.  
You are the keeper of our beginning.


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