Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Adeline's playdate

I moved to Tulsa a month ago only knowing 2 people.  Since my arrival, I have been blessed by several "friends of friends."  Having even the smallest connection to someone I barely know has been the sweetest part about moving home.  Tulsa is brand new territory to me, and I feel so fortunate to have friendly people to welcome my family with open arms.

Michelle is a "friend of a friend" who I feel like I have known forever.  Funny how that is....She, a naitive Tulsan, married a boy from SMU and they lived in Washington, DC for a few years after they married. And, she has a blog.  How is that for having something in common? She and her little boy, Jack, are two new friends.  Michelle has gone out of her way to make me feel at home in my new surroundings. I am so grateful.

Jack and Adeline are 2 months apart, and Michelle invited us to tag along to her playgroup last week.  What a treat! I am so happy Adeline has a buddy her age and thanks to the playdate, we've met some new girlfriends to boot!
Adeline got all dressed up for her play date party.  Michelle made the neatest playroom in her house using magnetic and chalkboard paint on the walls.  Adeline LOVED climbing around and exploring Jack's toys.  I think she was thrilled to see a new batch of goodies to play with as I think my bin of baby toys are getting kinda boring for her.  

Michelle snapped this cute picture of Jack and the ladies.  I think it's a hoot.  Adeline looks SO BIG to me and Jack is a total ladies man!  LOVE these kids and hope their friendship blossoms through the years.  It'll be so special to watch them grow!


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