Friday, January 13, 2012

Red Rock Canyon

During our Christmas break, Dada took William and Pops to Red Rock Canyon.  RRC is about 45 minutes west of OKC and a great day trip for the boys. 
William instructed Dada and Pops to bring along a few airplanes so they could fly missions on the hike.  So after carefully selecting which planes would get to make the journey, the boys piled into the Jeep and headed for the hills.

Dada's report indicates that they hiked around Red Rock Canyon and explored a few nature trails.  They threw rocks in the pond (which William could do ALL. DAY. LONG.) and then went for lunch at Johnnie's famous onion burger joint in El Reno.  
Dada and Pops said William had an absolute blast.  He never stopped skipping, asked a million questions, constantly flew his airplanes and LOVED being in the great outdoors.  That's my boy!
I asked William to tell me his favorite part of the trip.  With a huge, sly smile, he gleefully told me his favorite part was riding through the nature park WITHOUT being in his car seat.  He thought he was Mr. Cool!


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