Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tulsa Aquarium

William goes to school everyday until 3pm, and we have both REALLY missed having our afternoons free to spend time together.  William often comments on the fact that he misses just playing with me and hanging out at home......I know he is very happy at school, but the longer day has been the biggest adjustment for him.  He adapted just fine, but he realizes there is a difference between going to school only a half day verse a full day. 

I do too and I miss paling around town with him in the afternoons.  But then I have to recognize that William is growing up and those free afternoons are fleeting when you are a big time PreK kid.  Such is life for this momma.

So, when I knew we'd have one weekday off before William returned to school from Christmas break, I seized the moment and off we went on an afternoon adventure....just like the good ol' days!

We decided to explore the Tulsa Aquarium.  It is very impressive and full of fun and interesting exhibits.  William LOVED feeding the turtles carrot strips.  He thought it was so cool that tons of turtles flocked over to HIS feeding pole and fought over the tiny strip of carrot!  We could have sat there all day, but we ventured on to see what else we could find.  

Adeline loved looking at the fish tanks.  She kicked her feet and clapped her hands in delight.  I took her out of the stroller a few times and stuck her up on the ledge by the glass windows.  She LOVED the bird's eye view of the fish and thought the shark tank was very cool....I think she could really see the sharks better than baby fish since sharks are so big. 
William was brave enough to touch a Sting Ray and even fed them shrimp.  We stayed an hour and then explored the gift shop before heading home.  

We both had a great time together and even William told me, "Mom, I had a great day with you at the aquarium.  I really miss you when I am at school, but this was super fun like we use to do." And then skipped off on his way.  Bless his heart.  I love this little guy to pieces.  

William, I savor these days with you.  You are only a little guy for a short time, and I am so thankful that we've made a million memories together.  I know your days of staying home to play with me are numbered, but I treasure every second you call me your best friend and relish our memories of playing airplanes, reading books, and running through the park. I love watching your imagination and I miss you during the day, but your imagination takes you tremendous places and I know you will go far....even when I can't come along for the ride.  I love you.


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