Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sprout Birthdays and The Sunnyside Up Show

William loves to watch Sprout, especially the Sunnyside Up Show in the mornings and the Good Night show around dinner time.  During these segments, Sprout does a birthday show where the characters sing and celebrate children who have a birthday that particular day.  In order to participate, a child must submit a form and a birthday card to Sprout.  If chosen, the birthday card and the child's name will appear on either the Sunnyside Up show or the Good Night show.  

Last year, William was desperate to send in a card for the show.  When I checked into it, the submissions had to be at Sprout 2 weeks before the child's birthday.  We missed our window and William was so disappointed.  So, this year I remembered and asked him if he wanted to make a card to send in to the show.  He JUMPED at the chance with great excitement! 

Afraid of seeing his disappointment, I explained over and over again that our card may or may NOT be selected for the tv show.  I told William that if our card is not on tv for his birthday, that it is no big deal.  If it is chosen for the show, we would be so thankful and thrilled!  I reminded him that there are TONS of kids born on Feb. 7th and it is not up to us to decide who gets on tv.  I also explained that if our card isn't on tv, it could be uploaded to the Sprout website for people to see and his name, not his card, may scroll across the bottom of the screen.  Either way, I assured him that it would be fun to participate.  After having this conversation a few times, William told me he wouldn't be disappointed if his card isn't selected and that reminded me that "all I can do is try my best and see what happens."  Love that boy's spirit! 
William knows that Adeline LOVES to watch Chica, the bird, on the Good Night Show.  She literally stops dead in her tracks when she hears Chica's voice and then belly laughs with a HUGE grin while watching Chica on the tv.  My girl loves puppets so I am not surprised she loves Chica, and it's pretty cute to watch her expressions! 
So, William insisted that his birthday card be about Chica. What a sweet brother!  I think our creation turned out pretty cute. William was thrilled about the card and put a picture of Thomas and some airplanes inside the card.  We also glued a picture of William on the card because who can resist such a cute lookin' kiddo!!
Tune in to Sprout on February 7th and watch for William!  I am HOPING HOPING HOPING that Sprout thinks our Chica card is worthy of celebrating on the Birthday Show! I can't imagine the joy on William's face if we are chosen.  Cross your fingers!!!


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