Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day trip to Claremore, Oklahoma

Claremore is right outside Tulsa and a quick drive for a fun day trip.  It's home to Will Rogers and several antique stores.  So, last Saturday afternoon, we loaded up and headed for their quaint downtown.  We hit the antique stores and William searched each store for airplanes.  Much to my surprise, we didn't see that many.  However, Dada and William managed to find a toy airplane exactly like Dada's plane from childhood.  It was $4 and Dada thought they could take the wheels off and put them on his airplane for William.  Of course, William was thrilled and purchased that toy plane with a beaming smile!  A hunt for airplanes is just the ticket to keep William interested in walking through antique stores with his parents!

After a few hours, we headed over to Foyil, Oklahoma to see the world's largest totem pole.

Yes, it's the world's largest and it's just 40 minutes away.  Who knew?!  And, there is even a fiddle museum too.  Rock on.

A brief history lesson:  Working mostly by himself,  Ed Galloway started the Totem Pole in 1937 and finished in 1948. Though sometimes credited as a monument to Native American tribes, Galloway said he built it after he retired so he would simply have something to do.  He thought it would be a good thing for youngsters, Boy Scouts in particular, to visit.

The totem pole is constructed of concrete over a scrap metal and sandstone rock skeleton. Sixty feet tall, six stories, 30 feet in circumference, the pole rests on the back of a turtle. Sculpted and brightly painted renditions of spirit lizards, owls, and headressed Indian chiefs climb to the pinnacle.

Ed built the Fiddle House to show off his handmade fiddles. It is supported inside and out by 25 concrete Totem Poles. At one time, it contained Ed's handmade furniture, and bas-relief portraits of all US Presidents up to JFK.
I tell ya, the totem pole is very impressive.  William thought it was HUGE (and rightly so) and got a kick out of learning it is sculpted around a tree.  Adeline found the whole adventure thrilling as well.  She's in full support of keeping the totem pole park up and running!


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