Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July 2012

HAPPY 4th OF JULY 2012!!!

William and Adeline wish you a very patriotic 4th this year!

Today started out as a lazy morning with the kids in their pjs until just after 12 noon.  When Adeline woke up from her morning nap, she and I headed out for some lunch while Dada and William headed to the new house to do some work.  Adeline and I circled by the house and hung out with the boys for awhile before heading back to Sheridan Pond for an afternoon nap.

When Adeline woke up from her power nap, everyone got ready to celebrate the 4th.  We headed to our friends house, the Schwerdtfegers, for an evening of play time, swimming and fireworks.  Tyson, Kenna, Owen and Kate are loads of fun and William just LOVES being with Owen and Kate.  The kids tore up the playroom for awhile and then we enjoyed a feast of hamburgers and hot dogs. 

We headed to the neighborhood pool and to our surprise, we were the only people there!  The kids swam their hearts out and Adeline floated in her boat for almost 2 hours.  She LOVES watching the kids and splashing around in the water.   I was so thankful she was so laid back because I just never know how long she'll last in her boat! 

William's swimming has vastly improved and he's now all over the pool like a champ.  He really had fun on Owen's raft and spent a lot of time flipping off it, diving under it, floating on it and making up games with Owen with Kate. 

After our 2 hour swim, we headed back to the Schwerdtfeger's house for dessert and fireworks.   Several of the neighbors had fireworks going off and the boys enjoyed sitting in the look out tower of the play set while watching the fireworks show.  Tyson had a handful of fireworks to launch and he put on quite a show in the backyard.  The boys thought the fireworks were pretty neat, and William never took his hands off his ears.....We "oooooo-d" and "awwww-d" while Tyson danced around with his sparklers and launched his assortment of backyard explosives. 

By 10:00 p.m., the kids were pooped.  We had such a fun night with our friends and cannot wait to have them over to the new house next year.   We have a neighborhood fireworks show that is within walking distance and I think we'll enjoy many years of taking the kids! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!  So much to be thankful for!


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