Sunday, July 29, 2012

Soccer City Camp 2012

Last week marked the end of William's first official soccer camp.  Since it's beastly hot here, I was thrilled to find a soccer camp that took place indoors.  Soccer City is a state of the art soccer complex in South Tulsa.  They host leagues for all ages, classes, birthday parties, and camps. 

I came across Soccer City online and although we dodn't know anyone who actually plays soccer there, I took a chance and signed William up for a week long camp from 9am until noon.  At first I thought 3 hours of soccer would be too much for him.  I was nervous that he'd think the first hour was great and then be too tired or bored to keep going.  But, the coaches explained that the camps are made up of tons of kids and the small groups spend the 3 hours playing games that teach the kids how to play soccer without them really knowing they are learning the sport. 

They took plenty of breaks and each day William took a snack.  His most favorite part of snack time was taking a dollar to the snack bar concession and picking out a treat to add to what I had packed him.  One day he selected Cheetos and the other days it was a toss up between Skittles and fruit snacks. 

As it turns out, William knew 2 kids in his camp class and I think that settled his nerves a little bit.  Parents are welcome to come and go or stay the entire time, but Adeline and I were not about to stay 3 full hours.  I would stay the first 20 minutes to watch William and then Adeline and I would either go home or run some errands.

Each day when we picked William up he was HOT AND DRENCHED with sweat.  But my boy had the BIGGEST SMILE on his face after every practice.  He LOVED LOVED LOVED soccer camp.  I know his skills improved and he has asked several times to do the camp again.  I am sure we'll be back next summer!  Thank you Soccer City!


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