Wednesday, July 11, 2012

While the boys are away.....

Dan and William left for family camp in CO last Friday.  I am not able to travel now, so Adeline and I stayed behind and we've been having lots of fun!  The first weekend the boys were gone, we went to OKC and played with Bebe and Pops as well as Bubba and Gram.  Monday, Adeline and I played around town, ran some errands and picked up her new slide off Craigslist!  She loves it and I think it gives her a break from the small apartment and the one bucket of toys we have out of storage. 
 Tuesday, Adeline went to summer camp at church and I spent the day alone!  I got a facial at the spa - my personal slice of heaven on earth, hit a few design showrooms for tile, carpet, fabric and cabinets and before I knew it, it was time to get my girl at school.  We spent most of our late afternoon at home on the slide and indoors with her toys. 

Wednesday, I signed her up for a trial class at The Little Gym.  I thought it would give us something new to do together and save us from spending time in the heat.  The class started out rather quickly with lots of loud music, a bounce house and balls bouncing everywhere.  Adeline was really confused and overwhelmed.  She was a nervous wrek and clung to me as if I was going to leave her there alone!  When I removed her from the organized chaos, she was much better.  She stopped crying and wanted to walk around the gym and explore all the climbing toys instead of participating with the other kiddos.  I didn't care at all as this was a trail class and I kinda feel like I threw it all on her at once. 

She HATED her turn on the rolling ball.  She screamed and felt so bad for making her do it.  I thought perhaps she might climb on it and get a real kick out of rolling on her belly, but I was wrong! 

She LOVED LOVED LOVED bubble time, playing basketball and ringing the bells.  I am starting to think that music is more her speed!

Once we got home from her class, we had some lunch and watched Bubble Guppies.  Then my sweet little lady took a 2 hour nap!  I think the ol' gym took the wind out of her sails for sure!

When she woke up, Adeline was ready for a quick snack and then we hit the road for Jack's house.  Jack has a great playroom and we haven't see him or his mom, Michelle, is over 3 weeks.  That is not like us!  Our good friend Torre and her little boy, John Robert, joined in the fun.  Together, these 3 clowns enjoyed baking in Jack's kitchen and destroying just about every toy in the playroom.  Michelle, Torre and I had a great time catching up and the playdate was a fun way to spend my afternoon.

Tomorrow, Adeline heads back to summer camp and then we'll head for OKC.  Our cousin, Reece, is being baptized on Sunday and I am so glad we'll be there to celebrate!

As for my boys, Dada has sent a few pictures of their Colorado adventures.  Here are a few taken with Dan's phone.  Looks like they are having a great time!


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