Saturday, July 21, 2012

Adeline in pigtails 16 months

Adeline has had a full head of hair since the day she was born.  In the hospital, her hair was so thick that she could wear a real hairbow on a clip.  I have loved it.  For a long time, she would keep a hairbow in her hair and stare at herself in the mirror while saying, "CUUUUTEEEE!" 

But now that my girl is 16 months old, she has wised up and every time I put a hairbow in her hair, she yanks it out in 2 seconds.  This process irritaes me to no end which is completely selfish and stupid of me.  But I think she looks adorable with a hairbow and it is a fun way to dress her up.  However, I have accepted it as a phase and just don't try hard to make her wear a bow....unless it's for pictures, a special occassion or something of the sort. 

Her hair is still pretty thick and I usually spray it with detangler before combing it out each morning. It is growing out in the back and the ends have a really cute curl. So far, we've only given her bang trims. Her hair can be a mess too. It's growing at different lengths and in this heat, it's all over the place in a matter of minutes.  Since wearing a bow is a struggle, I have been waiting for her hair to get longer so I could try styling it again. 

So today, I decided to try pigtails.  AND HOW CUTE IS THIS SWEET LITTLE GIRL!!!!!

I will admit that I chased her around the bathroom for 20 minutes with a spray can of detangler, a hair comb and 2 rubber bands.  It took me 3 tries, and this was my best effort.  It's slightly messy and a little uneven, but I consider it a victory.  And, she looks adorable.

In fact, Adeline looked at herself in the mirror and said, "CUUTTTEE!!"  She spent a few minutes touching the pigtails and I could tell she was trying to figure out what in the world I had done to her.  But, she didn't try to pull them out.  Again, V.I.C.T.O.R.Y.

Looking at these pictures, I laugh a little too.  Her bangs are a mess in this 105 degree heat, but she looks JUST like her personality....cute, spunky and oh those cheeks!  SQQQQQUUEEEZZEEE!!

She wore her pigtails out to dinner with some friends and to Orange Leaf for some yogurt. 

YEAH ADELINE!  I think we need to shop for some cute pigtail accessories!


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