Thursday, July 19, 2012

Adeline's last day of summer camp

Adeline has been attending summer camp at Kirk of the Hills church.  It's an 8 week session and as you might recall, she was not a fan of summer camp when it first started.  As the weeks have progressed, Adeline has taken to her teachers and the routine of me dropping her off and returning to pick her up.  She's made great strides in her separation anxiety and I am so proud of her.  

I signed her up for the Tuesday/Thursday camp session from 9am until 2:30pm.  My goals for summer camp were 1. to teach her that I leave and come back 2. to allow her to get use to the church classrooms so when she comes for school in the fall, it will be familiar and 3.  to give me some time with just William and/or just myself!  I'd say we accomplished all of these goals and Adeline is well on her way to embracing Mother's Day Out in the fall.

Today was her last day of camp.  Here she is on her way....slightly skeptical:

 William and I took her to the church this morning and she marched right on in her classroom without a tear or distress signal.  She was all smiles.  Adeline's teachers told William and I to come pick her up around 2pm because there was going to be an ice cream social and art show for all the campers.  William was totally fired up for the ice cream and I thought it was so cute the teachers were hosting an art show....afterall, Adeline is only 16 months old.  I was curious what kinda project she had created.

When we picked Adeline up, her teachers told me this was HER BEST DAY EVER at camp.  They were so pleased with how far she's come and said she NEVER asked for me during the day, NEVER cried a tear, NEVER acted tired or upset.  She was ALL SMILES.  I was so happy to hear that!  The teachers even said how much she laughed and played and how fun it was too see her joyful spirit shine.  That sure made me feel good!  I was able to capture my happy lady(sans hair bow) upon our reunion.

So off we went to the art show and ice cream social.  Adeline's class finger painted giraffes.  William ate his ice cream and after we boiled a bit in the 105 degree heat, we hit the road.

As for William and I, we hit the town while Adeline was at camp.  First he ate a hearty breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes at First Watch and then we hit the bowling alley for a rockin' good time.  William loves to bowl and this was a great activity to beat the heat.  He got a kick out of bowling my turn a few times and spent some serious time experimenting with different size bowling balls. We also hit a bookstore, picked up a package from Uncle Steve, grabbed a snack and hit a few shops.


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