Thursday, August 29, 2013

Anna Elizabeth is 11 months old






Anna Baby!

You are 11 months old!  Next month will be your first birthday and wow, the days come and go! 

You are full of personality and NEVER stop.  Your curiosity is infectious and the reason why you WALKED AT 10.5 MONTHS!  Amazing!  You want to know everything about the world around you as well as the fact that you are desperate to keep up with William and Adeline.  So, it's no surprise that you are my early walker.  It was so fun to watch you take your first few steps.  Your eyes were aglow and I could see the "A-ha" moment in your face.  You giggle and raise your hands in the air as you walk around the house.  You love to push anything with a handle and wheels - strollers, grocery cart, the toy airplane, etc.  In fact, when Adeline is busy playing with her babies and pushing her stroller, you race over to your grocery cart and catch up with her!  I know you both will enjoy playing with each other as you grow up.

At 11 months, you are around 21 pounds.  Your hair is coming in strawberry blonde and your eyes are blue.  You wear a size 12 month and some times you can wear a 9m.  I don't have you in shoes, but I think you are a size 4.5 or 5 because those are the sizes from Adeline's shoes that fit you.  You are curious about shoes and stand up with them on your feet, but you are not keen on walking around in them.  Sometimes you lift your feet and laugh and other times you pull at them and kinda cry.


You do not eat baby food anymore.  You LOVE table food.  You pretty much try anything we give you and so far, the only things you have disliked are bananas (Adeline too!), turkey and hummus.  You love real fruit and I am so glad as your siblings had a really hard time warming up to any table fruits.  You also LOVE a sippy cup of water.  You get really excited when I give you your sippy cup.  Most of the water goes in your mouth, but you also find entertainment spitting it out. 

You still drink a bottle of formula a few times each day.  Since you prefer table food, the formula bottle is more like a drink now.  The only full bottles you tend to drink are the one around 9am in the morning and the bottle before bedtime.  You go to sleep around 7:30 pm and wake up close to 4am.  If we give you a small bottle, you will usually sleep until 7am.  However, from 4-7am, you are in our bed.....I DO NOT MIND A BIT.  In fact, I will miss you when you decide you have had enough!

11 months has been a wonderful month of growth for you.  Aside from walking, you are engaged in active play.  You like to study how trucks move, you like to open and shut the doors to the play kitchen and you take play food in and out of the fridge.  You LOVE LOVE LOVE baby dolls like you sissy.  You hug them, you try to eat their faces, you touch their eyes, you talk and holler at them.  It's precious to watch! 

You also like to sit next to me and Dada on the couch. Sometimes you beg to be placed up high on the couch and we tuck you in next to us.  You will sit still for a long time and just watch the tv or play with a toy.  It's fun to have your little body nestled right next to me. 

You smile all the time and laugh at William a lot.  You know exactly when Dada is coming home from work and the second he walks in the door, you are reaching out to him with open arms.  You DO NOT want down from his embrace, so you tend to hang out with Dada upstairs while he puts his work clothes away. 

11 months.  I know I say it every single post, but the days take my breath away.  Your first year has flown by, but when I look back at all the months behind us, I am so thankful for the hundreds of memories we have already made.  I look at pictures and I can feel myself in the moment with you.  Especially those first few days in the hospital.  Those are the most precious days of my life and I am so grateful to be your mom.

Happy 11 months to my Anna Baby.


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