Monday, August 26, 2013


First day of First Grade and William rocked it!

This kid was fired up and ready to take on the world Wednesday morning.  Since 4 year old preschool, I have asked William the same two questions every morning on his way out the door.  It is my prayer that he is confident with who he is, that he treats others with kindness, that he understands mistakes teach life lessons, and most importantly, that he knows without a doubt that we are proud of him. 

So by asking the questions and hearing the same answers come out of his mouth every time, I hope that he leaves the house on a positive note and ready to tackle the day.

The first day of First Grade began with a wide eyed smile and a mighty voice chanting his answers as he raced out the door.

What are your three bests?

"Responsible, Respectful, and a Good Person!"

What is William Barron's number one best?

"SMART! SMART! SMART!" and he shouted that one with his arms in the air as he climbed into the car with Dada. 

Then I watched my First Grader take off in that big ol' backpack that now fits perfectly on his shoulders.....the same ol' backpack that dwarfed him in preschool.  Growing up and now a "GRADER!"

Happy school days William!  We are so proud of you.


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