Monday, August 26, 2013

Anna's car

The weather was fantastic Saturday.  We spent most of our day outside at the park and on the driveway with all our outdoor toys. 

Anna absolutely loves to be in the thick of the action when William and Adeline are around.  She cannot get enough of her siblings.  They don't have to do anything specific except just be in the room.  Anna locks her eyes on their every move and delights in their high energy.  The quietest whisper of their voices and Anna is wide eyed and sitting up frantically looking for William and Adeline. She screams when they scream.  She smiles and laughs when they giggle.  She babbles at them as they carry on conversations and play together.  She crawls as fast as they run.  Anna simply sings to their souls. 

While out on the driveway, Anna wanted to leap out of my arms and onto the "big kid" toys that her siblings were playing on.  She wasn't the slightest bit satisfied sitting in the stroller and watching the action.  She needed to be IN it.  I noticed William's push car in the corner of the garage, so I strapped Anna in the seat and took her for a spin. 

She was in heaven.  If she knew to fight back, she would have never let me end the ride.  Oh how she giggled and laughed and beamed in pure satisfaction.  She was driving her own car just like her sister.  William rode circles around her on his bike and Anna just thought he was Mr. Cool. 

It is so fun to watch my kids play together and interact.  They truly enjoy each other's company and I am so grateful.  Yes there are fights, but the good times far out weight the milliseconds of bickering.  William and Adeline make up games together and have more fun acting out scenarios.  That day on the driveway, they pretended to be gas station workers, rode in a parade and drove to Colorado to visit Horn Creek.  Lots of pretending!!!


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