Monday, August 26, 2013

Meet the Teacher

Last Tuesday was Meet the Teacher day at Holland Hall.  William's teacher. Mrs. McFadden, was not there because she was taking her daughter to college.  However, her assistant, Ms. Synar was there.

William was super excited to go back to school and see the First Grade room.  He was just SURE there would be so many differences now that he was a "Grader."  First off, he was pleased to see his very own desk with a name tag.  He introduced himself to Mrs. Synar and told her about his two trips to Colorado this summer.  He proudly introduced his sisters and asked Mrs. Synar if he could try out the Smart board and dry erase boards.  I could tell he was very excited!

After an hour, we wrapped things up and headed home.  I struck out completely on babysitters so I had no choice but to take the girls with me on this important day.  I held my breath and packed a lot of snacks, toys and gear.  I talked with Adeline about William's special day with his teacher and how she needed to play quietly and wait her turn while William and I saw his classroom.  I wasn't sure if anything I said made a bit of sense to her, but low and behold, Adeline and Anna were perfect.  They never made a peep and Adeline played with her doll the entire hour we were there.



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