Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A visit with Santa at the Santa house 2013

One of my FAVORITE Christmas activities in Tulsa is the Santa house at Utica Square.  It's the CUTEST most charming little playhouse where Santa comes every day for pictures.  It's just so small and perfect for children.  It's red and green and has a little picket fence and greenry everywhere.  I just love it!

I always take my kids to the Santa house within the first couple of days in December.  There are usually no lines which makes the trip enjoyable.  I can also get great pictures when no one is standing in line!

This year, our December weather was incredible during the first few days of the month.  The high was 70 degrees!  It felt like springtime!  I knew I had to take full advantage of the glorious sunshine and take the kids to see Santa before we had to bundle up in coats and hats.  I am SO GLAD I did!

We picked William up from school on a sunny, 70 degree Wednesday afternoon and headed for Utica.  I spent the entire day just casually talking to Adeline about seeing Santa.  I explained that he was going to be at the Santa house and William was going to sit on his lap for a picture.  Adeline was very quiet during these conversations and she wasn't really interested in the idea.  She would try and change the subject!  I didn't make it a huge deal, but I did show her pictures of herself on Santa's lap the last 2 years.  I told her Santa is our friend and he would give her a cookie for being brave during her visit.  The word "cookie" seemed to capture her attention slightly.......

I really didn't worry about Anna. 

I knew she's scream regardless.  It's her age and makes for a funny Santa memory for sure!

So, we got to the Santa house around 3:30.  Just as I hoped, there was no line.  Not one person.  I was thrilled!  We took some cute pictures and then headed inside to meet Mrs. Claus and see Santa in person. 

Adeline was VERY quiet and asked me if she could stand at the door and watch.  I told her that was fine and so she watched William tell Santa all about his wish list.  Anna clung to my neck in terror.

Then Santa asked Adeline if she wanted to have a turn.  Adeline looked at me and grabbed my hand.  Bless her heart, she was so nervous.  I gently told her that she could get her bravery cookie if she stood right next to William and not next to Santa.  It took a second, but she slowly walked over to the window and held William's hand.  She didn't smile in delight, but she was there and that was all that mattered!

I snapped a few pictures of William and Adeline before giving Anna to Santa.  Oh my goodness, sweet Anna Baby screamed and screamed!  She was NOT excited about seeing Santa!  William was so sweet and tried his best to entertain her.  He sang songs and held her hand, but Anna was just beside herself.  A few snaps of my camera and we were done!

The kids loved their cookies.  William was so glad he could tell Santa his list early and make sure he'd have the whole month to work on his toys.   

With the Santa house complete, our December is off to a jolly good start!


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