Tuesday, December 3, 2013

William's Thanksgiving show

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, William's first grade class hosted a Thanksgiving lunch and music performance.  Each child was given a speaking part in the show.  Every single day on the way to school, Dada and William would practice his lines.  By show time, William was reciting his part in his sleep.

"My name is Big Elk.  Father of Brave Eagle and Running Wolf.  We hunt buffalo so we can eat and have clothes to wear."  (FYI - I just asked Dan to tell me the speaking part again and he gave it word for word in a deep voice.)

Dada and I got to school early so we could get a front row seat.  William marched onto the court wearing an Indian headdress.  He later told me he spent two days drawing the artwork and gluing on the feathers.

William delivered his speech in perfect form!  After the show, the kids sang a few songs.  Then we all went back to the classroom for refreshments and Dada got to see all of William's hard work around the room.  He was SO proud to show Dada his achievements.


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