Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Baylor verse OSU. The Barron boys on location

Uncle Steve gave William and Dan his tickets for the Baylor OSU football game in November.  The guys were really looking forward to watching Baylor play in person and William counted down the days until the road trip to Stillwater.  "Mom, this is my second college football game ever.  The first one I saw was OU with Pops and Dada.  Now, it's just me and Dada watching the Baylor Bears!  This is going to be so great!"
Then the weather took a turn.  On game day, the high was 22 degrees.  The game was at 7pm so we knew it would be SO much colder than 22 when the sun went down.  Dan and I also knew that staying the entire game was probably not going to happen if the weather was bad. 
But my Baylor boys were fired up.  They didn't let 22 degrees get in their way of celebrating the Green and Gold.  William suited up in his ski clothes and walked out the door like he was on his way to the chair lift.  Dada also dressed warm.  He packed hand warmers, neck gators, a blanket and extra provisions. Around 4:45 pm, they headed to Stillwater.
They stopped at Chick-fil-a for dinner and William worked on his Bear claw hand form.
Dada sent me a picture once they were in their seats.  He said William was excited and I knew Dada was too.  This was Dan's first live Baylor game since college.

At half time, Dada called to say they were in the car and heading home.  He said it was SO SO SO COLD and windy. Funny part is that William wanted to stay and watch the whole game.  It was Dada who was freezing! Not to mention, Baylor was getting clobbered. 
Nevertheless, I am so glad they went to the game.  I am so glad they had fun despite the cold.  William still talks about that game with a big grin on his face.  He loved every second of that day with his Dada.  These are the kind of moments I treasure for my kids.  Childhood is fleeting and I am so thankful my boys can do activities together and relish the time they have with one another.


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