Sunday, December 29, 2013

Thanksgiving kindness tour


I probably repeat my motto about 15 times a day to my children.  Kindness is huge to me. I think it is a very tangible concept to learn at a young age.  I truly believe kindness fosters respect, positive decision making and good character.  I pray every single day for my children to be kind, respectful people.  


It is what I tell William every day as he walks out the door for school.  It is what I am teaching Adeline as she learns to share with her sister.  

This summer we made cookies and distributed them to the postman, firemen, and policemen.  So at Thanksgiving, I jumped on another chance to address being kind to others.  We went to the grocery and bought the cute butter shaped like turkeys.   William chose 5 neighbors/friends in our area whom he wanted to gift the butter.  

William wrote a note that read "We are thankful for you! Love The Barrons"

Adeline and I attached the notes with ribbon and the 3 of us delivered the butter to our friends. 

Although William understands what it means to BE KIND, I am happy to use any opportunity to reinforce it!  Handing out the butter gave Adeline a visual lesson in kindness and she loved every second of it.  She was very proud handing out the gifts.  


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