Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Adeline's parent day at ballet

Adeline started ballet in September.  Her class is 45 minutes on Tuesday mornings at That's Dancing.  Adeline LOVES going to ballet.  She knows EXACTLY when Tuesday comes around.  Monday nights before bed, Adeline will say, "MOMMMM! (big smile) tomorrow Adeline goes to ballet class with Miss Micah."  I am so glad she loves to go and I hope she will enjoy dancing as much as I did as a child. 

Originally, I bought her a basic ballet leotard, skirt and shoes for class.  Ever since Halloween, Adeline has insisted on wearing her "ballerina princess" costume to class.  This is completely fine with her teachers because at 2.5, most of the girls come to class in tutus and glitter.  It's hit or miss each week, but for the most part, Adeline wants to wear her costume.

Tuesday was Parent Watch Day.  I left Anna with Amanda so I could attend the class without distractions.  It was SO PRECIOUS.  The teachers treated the class like a typical 45 minute routine.  This way the girls were not nervous and they could tune out all the moms in the background.  Adeline was a little skeptical as to why I was there and she kept turning around to wave at me and say hello.

I have tons of video that I will treasure forever, but I also managed to take a few pictures.  Adeline takes the class very seriously.  As I watched the class, I realized the story behind many of the moves Adeline does at home.  There's a "put on your backpack and reach for the stars!" move that is actually used for stretching and I didn't know what exactly she was doing until I watched the class.  She has all the terminology down and if you ask her to sashay, plie and arabesque, she will proudly show you her ballerina moves!

We also got a run down about the recital and took a peak at her costume.  The color is TBD, but I am so glad the teachers respect these little girls and dress them age appropriate.  The costume is a glittery tutu and leotard with a pretty headband flower.  I know Adeline will be dying to try it on when we get it!

It's been fun to watch Adeline love an activity outside the playroom.  She's the cutest ballerina in the bunch!


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