Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thankgiving 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!  We are so thankful for family and friends.  Thanksgiving is our holiday with Dan's parents.  We love to celebrate with them because on December 1st, they head for Florida and stay there for 6 months.  Thanksgiving gives us all a time to be together and enjoy each other's company.  We started this tradition when we got married and 10 years later, it's going strong!

Joy, Christian and Claire came to Tulsa with Bubba and Gram Cracker.  Joy and her kids wanted to see our house and Tulsa.  In past years, we have eaten our Thanksgiving dinner at the Skirvin Hotel and The Philbrook museum café.  Both are wonderful choices, but this year we tried The Ambassador Hotel.  The Chalkboard restaurant is in the hotel and hosted a buffet.  We all agreed that this was our favorite Thanksgiving meal and location.  The setting was small and intimate.  We could hear each other and visit comfortably at our table.  The food was excellent and offered a huge variety.  It was delicious!

After lunch, we went to our house and relaxed.  William flew his flight simulator with Christian and Claire played with the girls.  The adults visited and Gram Cracker took a power nap. 

Around 4:30, we made a last minute decision to pack up and head for OKC. So we did!  My family stayed with my parents, but William and the girls had plenty of time to spend with Joy and her kids.  We all went to the OKC science museum (one of our favorite places) and William spent the night with Bubba and Gram Cracker 2 nights in a row!  He had a blast!

All in all, our Thanksgiving was delightful.  We love Bubba and Gram Cracker and we are so thankful they can come to Tulsa and spend the day with our family at a moment's notice.  My kids treasure their company!  Thank you for a wonderful holiday!

I didn't take any pictures on Thanksgiving.   I can't believe it.  I am waiting on Joy to send me a few photos she took with her phone.


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