Thursday, March 3, 2011

37 weeks Pregnancy Highlights

 37 weeks Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 37 weeks
Size of baby: Baby B is the size of a small watermelon
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Total of 33 lbs so far. Gained 1 at this last appointment.  I barely have any space left!
Maternity Clothes: I'm wearing my maternity dresses with my leggings.
Gender: IT IS A GIRL!
Movement:  She likes having a party at night.  I feel her the most in the evenings once I finally sit down.  She's also made more of a racket when I first try to fall asleep.  Around 8pm when I wind down, she's starting to really give me some vivid movements where I think I know what body part is bumping me!
Sleep: I sleep on my left side and wake up a few times in the night to readjust myself.  I am starting to sleep with more pillows around me....poor Dan, he's almost off the bed!  I also have a muscle on the left side that aches down by my pelvis and hip and I can feel parts of my body pop when I adjust myself.
What I miss: jogging, but I stay active with William. Climbing 42 stairs to my door everyday, several times a day is also handy.  I also miss having lots of energy.  I tend to have to pace myself more often and do a few tasks before sitting down for a bit.  I also miss bending over to tie my shoes but that's why I own a bunch of flats!
Cravings: not that hungry anymore.  I don't have any room! 
Best Moment this week: Just getting her nook and closet organized.  I also pulled out the stroller and bassinet, put my hospital bag in the car, and bought some diapers.  The end is near and oh so exciting!

*She is head down with her rear on my left side and her legs and feet under my chest pointing towards my right side.  Doctor checked me and said she's sitting very high up and will probably not drop anytime soon.  So, we are still on for March 21st!


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