Sunday, March 20, 2011

That Moment....

Today was our last day as a family of 3.  Just Mom Mom, Dada and William.  The way it's been for 4 years.  4 years of incredible moments that tug at the very core of my soul.  I found myself living in flash backs mind just playing a continuous movie of memories.  SO MANY vivid pictures came flooding back to me and I was IN THE MOMENT, reliving the exact smells, sounds, voices, locations, outfits, events, smiles, laughter, tears, etc.  You name it, I felt it.

I was IN THAT MOMENT again.  

And I went back to William's birthday 4 years ago.  That day changed my life forever.  To know that HE WAS MINE!  

That he made me a mom.  

The moment they lifted him above the curtain and I heard him cry.  NOTHING CAN PREPARE YOU for THAT MOMENT.  That one split second in time that changes your entire existence.  

And so I sit here thinking about tomorrow.  THAT MOMENT.  She's coming tomorrow and she's going to change our lives forever.  She's the missing piece to our puzzle and  the love of our lives.

She's going to take me back.  

Back to THAT MOMENT when my heart changes forever and a love like I have never felt before comes flooding back to the core of my soul. 

I can't wait.   



the boatman family said...

Megan! I LOVE this post! It is so hard to put these precious feelings into words and you did it beautifully! I feel the exact same way!! So excited for your new addition! Lots of love!

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