Friday, March 18, 2011

Four days

I simply cannot believe that I only have 4 days left with this little person inside of me.  Every moment along the way has been a gift.  She has been tucked snuggly inside of me, knows the rhythm of my heart and the sound of my voice.   How I have loved to carry you!

Every little movement I feel is captured in my mind forever.  And like every single second of life, I hope I can remember these tiny details forever.  Oh how hard it is to hit the the end of the pregnancy road, but then there is the burst of joy my heart feels for the years that lie ahead.  

The weekend will fly by and soon she'll be welcomed into this world as part of our family.  One more precious miracle to treasure, one big brother in the making, one Dada who'll be wrapped around her fingers, and one Mom Mom who NEVER took for granted her answered prayer.


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