Thursday, August 23, 2012

AHB tackles Mother's Day Out!

Today was Adeline's first day of Mother's Day Out!  We spent the summer preparing for her big school day by signing her up for Bible School and summer camp at the same church where she attends MDO.  By doing so, I think it really helped her understand the process of me dropping her off and coming back to get her. 

When we pulled up to the church, Adeline knew where we were and she didn't get upset!  She walked right into the church lobby with a big ol' smile on her face and chatted it up with a few other kids waiting for school.  She held my hand and we walked right over to her classroom without missing a beat. 

But when we got to the classroom door, I could tell she was a little confused.  She certainly recognized where we were and what we doing, but she didn't recognize the teacher or the room.  This is because her summer camp teachers and classroom are next door to the MDO room she is in this year.  So, I think it threw her for a loop.

But, she didn't dissolve into tears....instead, just a little whimper when I handed her over to the teachers. 

I put her stuff in her cubby and went into the office to fill out some paperwork that I missed during orientation.  By the time I was done and on my way out the door, a few ladies peeked into the classroom and reported that Adeline was busy playing with the babies and going down the play slide.

I knew my girl would LOVE Mother's Day Out.  She enjoys William's company so much and with him in school 5 days a week, I think her little school experience is perfect for her (and for mom too!).  

When I picked her up, she ran right to the door with a smile on her face!  I was so pleased to see her without tears.  The teachers told me she had a very good day, cried just a few times on and off, LOVED the baby dolls, bubbles and outside play time.  She took a 1.5 hour nap which really impressed me considering it was the first day in a new environment with a totally new nap routine. 

All in all, Adeline did great!  She looked so cute in her school bus dress and she kept pointing to her new red patent shoes and said, "Mama SHHHHHHOOOOOEEESSS!" and then she'd watch her feet while she stomped off running around! 

LOVE YOU ADELINE!  I am so glad you have embraced MDO with a happy heart!


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