Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bartlesville Kiddie Park

Last weekend Dada had the great idea to take a family roadtrip to Bartlesville, Oklahoma.  We knew there was a kiddie park with 0.50 cent rides and a train that went around the perimeter.  Since it's been so hot here, the park is only open from 7-9 p.m.  So we loaded up the car around 5pm and headed out on the 1 hour car ride to Bartlesville. 

The drive was a success because both kiddos took a nap almost the entire way.  So by the time we got to our BBQ place for dinner, everyone was ready to party into the night!

The kiddie park is pretty cute and hosts a wide range of amusement park rides for children of all ages.  William's first concern was for Adeline.  He wasn't quite sure what ride she would enjoy because most rides were for kids who could participate on their own.  When we walked into the park, William was a little overwhelmed and it took a few minutes to process all of the choices.  He refused to ride any independent rides until Adeline got a turn on the train.

Our girl loves "choo-choos" and right when we entered the park, we walked over the kiddie train tracks.  She saw the big engine immediately and she began clapping her hands and jumping up and down in delight.  I decided not to ride the train so I could get a few pictures of everyone else riding the rails.  So Dada took the kids on the train.  He told me Adeline really loved it until they entered the dark tunnel.  At that point, she buried her face in Dada's shoulder and held on to him in pure panic mode.  But, once the train left the tunnel, she was back to lovin' the ride!  William was SO pleased that Adeline had a good time, and once he jumped off the train, he headed straight for the boat ride.

William climbed into a boat with a few other kids and had a great time steering the wheel as the boats floated in a circle.  After the successful boat ride, he was off to the bounce house and ferris wheel.  I was really shocked that he wanted to ride the ferris wheel.  William has never been that brave when it comes to this sort of ride, but I was thrilled he really wanted to give it a try.  So he boarded the yellow cage on his own and held on for dear life.

  Dan and I watched from the ground as William rode around and around while holding onto the handles with a death grip.  We laughed so hard as we watched him bravely ride that kiddie ferris wheel!  When his turn was over, he jumped out of the cage with a huge smile on his face and said, "Oh man, that went so high!  But it was really fun and I was in a locked cage so I knew I wouldn't fall out and die." 

Dada and Adeline took off for the carousel while William and I tried to decide what else he wanted to do before the park closed.  He decided to ride the carousel with Dada and Adeline for the second time, so they all boarded the ride while I took a few pictures. 

Finally, William got in line to ride the airplane.  He was really excited because on the airplane ride, the airplanes flew up high when you pushed on your controller.  He rode with a cute little girl and they had fun raising their plane high in the air. 

We wrapped up our kiddie park adventure around 8:45 pm when Adeline started to loose steam.  She was pretty tired and William was satisfied with his choice of rides. 

The trip to Bartlesville was lots of fun and we came home with extra tickets, so I am sure we'll be back to use them up very soon!


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