Wednesday, August 22, 2012

On the road to Kindergarten!

Holland Hall had a few events leading up to the beginning of school.  William's first activity was a splash party in the primary school parking lot.  The Kindergarten class met from 10-11:30 am last Monday so the kids could play on the water slides and the parents could mix and mingle.  It was a great way to meet new families and scope out who was going to be in William's class.

While at the splash party, William got a Holland Hall tattoo and a free snow cone!

Another event leading up to the start of school was "Meet the Teacher" day.  William was really excited for this day because he wanted to know who his teacher was and which friends would be in his class.  So on Tuesday morning, I took William to meet Mrs. Rains and the 16 kiddos in his class.  The first thing we did when we got there was find his cubby and we figured out that he's in the yellow color group this year.  William pretty much ditched me at the door and worked the room like an ol' pro. 

He decorated a name place card for his spot at the lunch table and used the Smart Board to play an ice cream game with Mrs. Rains.  He explored the very cool tree house that sits in the middle of the Kindergarten room.  It's got a Lego table on top of the tree house and inside the bottom of the tree house is a very cozy reading area. 

We stayed about 1.5 hours before heading to the student store to buy a new t-shirt and hit the road for the doctor. 

The day before Meet the Teacher day, I got an email saying William needed the second round of the Hep. A virus shot before he'd be allowed to attend school. Of course I went into panic mode and was slightly irritated because I had called last month to make sure his records were updated and all the necessary paperwork was in place for his enrollment. After getting a "yes," this was the last thing on my mind.

Luckily I was able to get a doctor's appointment for the shot on the afternoon of Meet the Teacher. However, William spent 48 hours working himself into a complete mess of nerves knowing he was going to get a shot the day before school. He talked about it all the time, asked me how many hours until the shot, asked me about the needle, would it hurt?, reported to his friends at Meet the Teacher, asked how long would it take, etc. It went on and on and bless his heart, he was a COMPLETE mess. He made himself sick. I won't go into the details of being at the doctor for the shot, but let's just say the screaming started before the nurse entered the room, the thrashing around on the table started before the needle was even out of the bag, and my kiddo was yelling, "STOP! IT HURTS! DON'T HURT ME!" at the top of his lungs before the needle even touched his skin. Yes, it was horrible. Yes, it was kinda funny in a "terrible mom for laughing" sort of way.......but we survived.

Then we were in route home and all of William's nerves collided and he threw up 4 times in his car seat. Yum. 9 months pregnant and the smell of vomit in the car are an excellent combination. I quickly pulled over, got out the emergency blanket and tried to remedy the situation as best I could in order to get us home. After cleaning him up and letting him lay on the couch, I wasn't sure if my boy would make it to Kindergarten on the first day of school or not. Part of me was confident that he was not really sick because we'd just come from a complete exam by the doctor. The other part of me kinda thought it was all the nervous anxiety that he'd put himself through leading up to the shot. Who knows. But after awhile, William rallied a bit and ate some dinner. I put him to bed a little early and he slept all night. No more sickness and no fever.

When he got up, he was ready to go to school. Luckily, the first day of school was only a half day, so I knew he'd be ok for 3 hours and he was eager to go.


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