Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A few of my favorite things.....William Bradley Barron age 7

To give you some background, I have VERY fond memories of my dad pulling out a spiral notebook at the dinner table and going around the room asking my brother and sister and me all about our favorite things. He 'd write the answers down and note the date and our age at the time of the interview. We did this about 2 or 3 times a year and each time we'd open the notebook, everyone got a kick out of what they said when they were 6, 7, 8, etc. years old. I consider that childhood memory as one of my most "favorite things" about my dad.

William Barron "Favorite Things" age 7.  February 19th, 2014

"My Favorites"
  • color - green
  • animal - cheeta
  • airplane - Boeing 737
  • number- 12
  • food- pizza
  • candy - lollipop
  • train - coal car
  • toy - runway blocks for building runway designs and my simulator
  • sport- soccer
  • friend - Michael Cameron, Maddie and Vivienne
  • car - Jalopy in my race car bin
  • thing about first grade - 2 recesses
  • thing to do with Dada - he drives me to school and we talk about stuff
  • thing to do with Mom - playing
  • book - Aircraft, The Complete Guide
  • song - Jingle Bell Rock
  • about Bebe - she sleeps in my room when she is visiting and I don't get scared
  • about Pops - he reads me books early in the morning when my sisters are not awake and I am visiting his house.  Fishing books.
  • about Gram - I made up the nickname Gram Cracker and she is a great story teller
  • about Bubba - he talks about Douglass DC3s a lot
  • drink - water
  • at night - dreams
  • about morning - going to school with my dad
  • to wear - pjs
  • airport - DFW
  • place to eat - Schlotskys
  • professional sport to watch in person - ORU basketball
  • summertime activity - Horn Creek water slides
  • activity to do outside - basketball
  • holiday - Christmas
  • place to go in the car - Bebe's house
  • trip this year - Horn Creek
  • thing about Santa - he gave me Playmobil
  • thing about Anna Baby - she is really cute
  • thing about Adeline - she hugs me and I like her brown hair and she looks like me a lot
  • thing about being a big brother - they are fun to play with
  • best part about being 7 years old - I haven't had very much time with it but I think it was fun going to Florida when I was 7.
  • snack - Gram Crackers and Honey Comb Cereal
  • dessert - Girl Scout Cookies
  • thing about being a Tiger Cub - we learn how to be healthy
  • thing about the Pine Wood Derby - that I won 13th place out of 30



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