Tuesday, February 25, 2014

WBB and Buckle fracture

Monday morning around 11am, I received a phone call from the school nurse.  She told me that William fell on his wrist during a soccer game at recess.  He came to the nurse with tears in his eyes and in lots of pain. She told me he was ok and asked if she could give him Tylenol.  

I asked to talk to William.   I spoke in an upbeat tone, but the second he heard my voice, he started to cry but yet, he tried so hard not too. "Mom, I am being brave.   It doesn't hurt a lot but I am just sad."   Bless his heart.   I told him he was sad because the fall scared him.  He didn't expect it and it knocked him to the ground.  I told him the nurse would take care of him and I reassured him that if I needed to come pick him up, I would be there quickly.  But William and the nurse both agreed that he could finish his school day. 

Then around 2:15, Mrs. McFadden called me.  She told me she had been observing William all day and he just wasn't trying to use his right hand at all.  She said he was holding his forearm.  Mrs. McFadden thought I should make an appointment with the pediatrician just to be sure nothing was going on underneath the skin. 

I am so glad she suggested it.   We went to see the doctor after school.  An X-ray revealed that William has a buckle fracture. It is a small break and doesn't require a cast.  It is the break you want to have if you fall on your wrist.  I think that is a lucky thing!

So now William has to wear a brace on his right wrist for 2-3 weeks.  He can't play sports during this time, but that is ok. We are just thankful the healing time is quick and that he isn't in a full cast with a broken arm or something worse.  

Heal quick WBB! The soccer team needs you!


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