Friday, February 21, 2014

William's 7th birthday celebration


William's birthday fell on a Friday this year.  When he woke up, he had 7 balloons bouncing around his room.  He was SO please when Adeline, Dada and I came in his room bright and early singing (loudly) "Happy Birthday."  He was beaming ear to ear!  Seven on the 7th is his GOLDEN BIRTHDAY!  William's been waiting for this day for the last 2 years......The Golden Birthday sounds so exciting to a little kid!

For his birthday lunch, William asked me to bring him a cheese pizza from Schlotzsky's.  I met him in the cafeteria and had a great time eating lunch with him and all his buddies.  The cafeteria conversations are hilarious.

William's class party was right after lunch in his classroom.  He requested sports themed donuts.  The kids all loved the donuts and William was really proud passing them out to his friends. 

On Friday night, Dan and I surprised William with tickets to see The Harlem Globetrotters.  William didn't really know what to expect, but once he saw they are a basketball team, he was pumped!  We had a great time watching the Globetrotters perform their cool tricks.  

The Golden Birthday boy had a wonderful day! 

Then on Sunday we hosted William's birthday party at Soccer City.  Truet is a friend from school and he shares a birthday with William.  So, we celebrated with a joint birthday party.  20 boys from their grade came to play games and run around the soccer complex.  William had a really good time!  The boys played dodge ball, ran relay races and played a scrimmage soccer game. 

We served cake and ice cream to the boys after the play time was over.  Truet had a birthday cake and William requested a cookie cake.  According to William, the fire coming out the back of the soccer ball on his cookie cake was awesome! 

The party was a huge hit!  Lots of kids, lots of chaos and two very happy birthday boys!

This little project was the first thing I saw when I entered William's classroom.  I had to take a picture of it.


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