Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Christmas morning 2013

Our family had a wonderful Christmas Eve 2013.  We spent our evening with Mac, Meme and the traditional "Johnston Brown Family Christmas Extravaganza."  With so many small children, the evening is chaotic, fast and loud!  We party hard and it's a treasured gift to spend Christmas with Mac (93) and Meme (91). 

Late on Christmas Eve, we got the kiddos to bed and waited patiently for Santa Claus to come.  William was beyond excited and watched the Santa tracker until 10pm.  He went to bed hoping and hoping that Santa would bring him the new Playmobil airplane and some sports gear.  He talked for weeks about his Christmas list and at times, he stressed a little just thinking of the excitement.  With every passing year, I soak up the raw nature of his childhood.  His innocence brings me such joy and I simply LOVE to watch him soak up the magic.  WE BELIEVE!

Adeline was entranced with the idea of Santa too.  She really "gets it" now that she's older.  And my goodness, it is so precious to watch her face anytime we see Christmas lights or holiday décor.
I asked her early on what she wanted Santa to bring her and every single time, she would answer "a pink kitchen and Sophia (Prince Sophia) dress up."  At two years old, every single moment of life is like unwrapping a present.  She is thrilled beyond belief at the smallest gestures and the simplest concepts.  Santa is no exception.  She finds such joy in the idea of reindeer flying in the sky and elves making toys.  In her little world, it's like one magical book she reads over and over.  Even now (it's February), she tells me all about the day Santa came to Bebe's house and left her a pink kitchen. 

Throughout December, William talked extensively with Adeline about Santa Claus and he made sure that Adeline's wish list was included in his official letter to the North Pole.  Both kiddos were equally concerned about Anna's list because Anna Baby can't talk.  William asked Santa to bring Anna a doll because she always has to share with Adeline.  I think it is sweet how he always watches out for his sisters.

Christmas morning came quick!  William raced in our room whispering in a loud voice, "guys!  it's time to go!  Santa came!  We have to go downstairs and see our surprise!  COME ON!"  Like firemen, we all sprang into action.  Of course, I had to take the annual picture of the kids on the stairs before they race into the living room.  William could have cared less about the picture and he was about out of his skin trying to reach the living room.  Adeline was right behind him.  She was smiling and running and I could tell the wheels in her head were just spinning with excitement. 

William locked eyes on his loot and was speechless.  He got the Playmobil airplane!  And he couldn't believe that Santa left him a bike, basketball goal, circuit set and books.  It was the jackpot! 

Adeline saw her pink kitchen and was pleased as punch.  She LOVED her Sophia dress up costume, but she did not want to put it on.  Instead, she just stared at it. 

Anna Baby got a princess tent and a baby doll.  She got a kick out of crawling in and out of her tent!  I can't wait for next year when Anna Baby is 2 and "gets it" just like Adeline!  These years with the littles are so much fun.  The magic of Christmas is a treasure through their eyes.


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